The Changing Job Market

When my parents got into the workforce, there was no doubt in their minds that the careers they started in would be the same ones they retired from. If you were an accountant, you would always be one; if you were a nurse, you would always be one; if you were a tradesman, you would … Continue reading The Changing Job Market


Cultural Perceptions of Education and Teachers

I have a lot of friends who are American and, so recently, a lot of American news surrounding the new administration finds its way into my Facebook feed. One that is of particular interest to me is the successful nomination of Betsy Devos as the Secretary of Education. From the outside looking in, it’s very … Continue reading Cultural Perceptions of Education and Teachers

The Didactic Approach

Twenty, thirty years ago, you could walk into any classroom and, out the front of the room, you could find a blackboard. Then classrooms updated to the much better whiteboards and, if you were lucky, you might have also had a projector that you could use as well. Nowadays, most schools are making the transition … Continue reading The Didactic Approach