Why Consequences Need to Change

In my last post, I spoke of how behaviour management policies, and how theories of behaviour management, don’t always work well in practice for all students. However, it isn’t just the behavioural management theories and practices that fail students, it is also the consequences that we employ to punish students. One of the things that … Continue reading Why Consequences Need to Change


Surveillance in Classrooms: a Chance to Reflect on Teaching Practice

Recently, I saw on the news a segment about how some schools in the UK are trialling body cams on teachers in an effort to combat bad behaviour. Being that we are talking about classrooms full of minors, there are obvious considerations that need to be taken, with the article commenting that teachers would have … Continue reading Surveillance in Classrooms: a Chance to Reflect on Teaching Practice

The Didactic Approach

Twenty, thirty years ago, you could walk into any classroom and, out the front of the room, you could find a blackboard. Then classrooms updated to the much better whiteboards and, if you were lucky, you might have also had a projector that you could use as well. Nowadays, most schools are making the transition … Continue reading The Didactic Approach


An Introduction, of Sorts

I am a teacher. That makes me many things (often, it makes me that person who is never invited to parties because I tend to draw people into one sided discussions about how much education has to offer and how successive governments have not invested enough in education and, therefore, the future, squandering our nation’s … Continue reading An Introduction, of Sorts